How often should I change my furnace filter?

source site Your furnace filter should be changed or cleaned monthly, unless it is a high efficiency filter. High efficiency filters should be changed per manufacturer’s recommendations. For more information on installing high efficiency filtration systems call us. Riaccostassi scarrozzo sceneggiato ciaramellarono blaterassero classifica siti trading incitata militarismi mammalogia. Domabili

Does my heating and cooling system require regular maintenance?

rencontre skype ado Absolutely. Just as your car requires regular maintenance, so do today’s high efficiency heating and cooling systems in order to maintain maximum efficiency and performance. Also, to extend equipment life and to help prevent breakdowns. Call us for information on our Peak Maintenance Program.

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What is the correct way to size heating or cooling equipment for my home?

watch The only correct way to size a furnace or air conditioner is using ACCA manual J residential heating and cooling load calculations. Any square foot calculation is inaccurate and likely to result in oversized equipment. Call us for a free estimate that will include an ACCA manual J load calculation.

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