From your attic to your basement there are many different factors that impact the comfort and efficiency of your home. Often homeowners try to impact their energy efficiency and home comfort with fixes that only partially work or don’t work at all. If you went to the doctor with an ache in your leg, he likely would order some tests to try to isolate what is causing the problem. Your home is a complex structure that often exhibits “aches” that are hard to diagnose. To properly diagnose your home’s “aches”, testing is the best way to isolate what is causing the problem. Mountain Air offers home energy audits that can help you isolate your energy problems, and correct them.

Our Home Performance Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of your home’s current energy efficiency features. We then generate a report that will recommend all of the steps necessary to improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort level of your home. It will include an estimate for Mountain Air to install all improvements, or if you choose to do some or all of the improvements yourself we can do a post evaluation for you.

Blower Door Test

  • Helps locate excess leakage (often referred to as infiltration) in your home which can lead to both comfort and energy loss problems.
  • Evaluates humidification requirements to properly humidify your home in winter

IR inspection (FLIR infrared camera)

  • Evaluates walls and floors for hot and cold spots
  • Evaluates heat loss in hidden areas of the home
  • Evaluates windows and doors for heat loss
  • Inspects attic for insulation levels

Static Pressure Test

  • Evaluates the total static pressure in your duct system

Duct Blast

  • Evaluates the amount of air leaking out of the duct system

Visual Inspection

    • Inspects levels of insulation in sidewalls and attic
    • Evaluates crawl space
    • Evaluates the points of excess leakage
    • Evaluates current mechanical equipment
    • Combustion Analysis
    • Analyzes the gas appliances in your home for proper venting to

avoid excess carbon monoxide build-up

Manual J Heat Gain/Loss Calculation

  • Analysis of your home’s heat loss and gain to properly size the equipment
  • Monitors your home’s indoor air quality and temperature variations over multiple days

As a Home Performance with Energy Star contractor, we have been qualified and trained to effectively test and diagnose your home, as well as install the solutions. You can be assured that your investment will be installed correctly because we always post-test your home to make sure your improvements have made a difference.

Many of these services are eligible for the government rebate programs!

Air Sealing
There are multiple places in your home that may be letting outside air seep in. This unwanted infiltration makes your furnace or air conditioner less effective, creating higher energy costs. Utilizing the latest in one and two part foams, our installation technicians will ensure a complete sealing for all those openings.

Inadequate insulation is one of the leading causes of energy loss in both newer and older homes. Our technicians can dense pack insulate your soffits, sidewalls, and garage ceilings, as well as add to the insulation in your attic.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers
Dirt crawl space floors can expose your home to dust, moisture, and potential radon gas. Installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space will reduce the potential hazards and improve the comfort level of the floors above.

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